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Please take a look and give me your opinion?

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very nice.. pretty colors!

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It's finished and on it's way out the door to the baby shower. Thanks again for all opinions!


I will be back with the info when I get home tonight, I just don't have time to dig out the labels right now. :D I can tell you that unfortunately the yarn is Patons Bumblebee 100% cotton and it's been discontinued. :(

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Ok details on the blankie:


Yarn - Patons Bumblebee Baby Cotton, DK weight

Colors - Wild Rose, Daffodil, Sweet Green, Morning Glory and Pansy

Yardage - Each ball = 123 yards. I used 2 balls of each color plus a little extra pink.

Size - 35x40

Pattern - Easy Ripple


Patons Discontinued this yarn some time ago but I think they replaced it with a their Beehive yarn although the colors do not appear to be the same. I really liked this yarn though, no splitting!


Thank you for the compliments on the colors. Sharon- the pink and green are GREAT together, they remind me of watermelon colors.

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