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Ok have a couple of sewing projects to show off but, first let me start with my shirt I whipped up for myself oh and a purse to go with my shirt.



I fall in love with this fabric when I came across it at Walmart the best thing is that it was only 1 dollar a yard hmmmmmmm. So I grabed it and went for it.

Not much of a pink gals but, loved it.


Front, made a long v-neck to the shirt. Also at the bottom made a round like half circle for a kind of a design liked how it turned out.





Oh and wont forget the purse



the purse has a zipper and some round melt circles for the handles






Thats not all. Since I am the streamstress of the family everyone is always wanting me to fix this helm this make this lol. My cousin wanted me to do her a summer dress. She found this nice stirring fabric at Walmart and I hooked it up.








Cute aint it lol:)


Thanks for looking so whatcha all think?

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Is you talking about the stirring in the dress at the top? If so then nope that is how the fabric was brought. But, working on learning to do the stirring myself.

yes that is what I was talkingabout !!I didnt know that was called that!:)I learn so much on here about everything!

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