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Argyle headboard and hand painted mascot


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This is my argyle headboard I have been in the process of making. It's made using a luan door I purchased at Lowes for $15, then just painting and taping, and painting and waiting...LOL I'm really disappointed in myself though because the dashes are too short, fat and close together. :( But if you squint, it looks fabulous! :lol I should have it up on the wall later tonight (we are screwing it directly to the wall) so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it looks alright up.


Close up:




The whole thing:




And then there is the Indian head my husband freehanded on our 8 year olds bedroom wall. This is our towns H.S. Mascot, and Job is playing his first year of Pop Warner this year, hence the '28' painted on the medallion, and he's very proud of himself. :)



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Thanks guys!



That headboard is awesome! How'd you come up with the design? I keep changing my mind on what I want :lol


I just love argyle, and thought why not? I figured the door only cost me $15 and I already had the yellow and teal, the purple cost me $9 for a quart, so for $25, I didn't really have much to lose. The door measures 30"x80" and I just drew it out on graph paper to make sure the diamonds were the right size and placement, then I colored several different drawings in different colors to see which combination I liked best. This is luan, so it is a hollow core door, lightweight, but when we screw it in, we'll need to be sure to stay at the edges of the door, I suppose you could do it with a solid door, but it would be heavier and need better mounting. After it gets screwed in I'll cover the screws with wood putty, sand that after it dries then touch up paint.

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