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Adult PONCHO granny squares 2 colors


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I have been working on these granny squares for some time now.

Main color is a victorian rose with black for the background.

Yesterday I started putting this together.

I put it on the mannequin I have--- she can make any clothing

look real good.

When I put it on, I am not at all impressed with it.

Course I weigh more than this mannequin does, so maybe

that is the problem.

I am going to put more squares on the bottom part, so it will

be longer down the front /back and over the arms.

If I can't make it the way I want to, the worst can happen

is I take the shoulders apart and then make it into a afghan.

I think it is the victoria rose color that is bothering me.

The second picture in the album is more truer color on my


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Sorry about that .


I just fixed the url in the opening post.

What happened was when I used the message board function to insert the url , it somehow dropped the www. part .


I think I will continue to finish this , and sell it as a poncho.

I just don't like the rose color on me, but it sure does look good

on the mannequin.

I have gloves on her because her fingers are not in that good of

shape in case you are wondering.

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I think I'd agree with you if it were mine... it's too short. More like a capelet than a poncho. Probably a good idea to add another row of squares and then sell it if you don't care for the rose color. Personally I think that color is pretty, but tastes sure do differ! :)

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Hi all,

I have added another row of squares. And will add at least one more row.

It will be a full size poncho and not a capelet.

It IS a pretty color, and I do like it......but I don't like it on me.

It is not a good color for me.

I will get some more pictures posted of it soon.


I think I will just get this one finished and start one for me.

My colors so far, are going to be black, dark gray and light gray.

Not sure if I will add a 4 th color or not.

I haven't done anything yet for it, but just going over ideas in my head.

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I really like the color combo but as someone who's gained weight through the years I know what you mean, while it seems everything looks good on the thin (like my daughter...) on me it's a different story! But it's nice work anyway and that's the important part.

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