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Little Girl Dreams- 18" doll image intense


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Little girl dreams – 18” doll :pinterest




What little girl would not love a purple coat with white fur trim? :dreaming Well here is the pattern to make that happen for our young ladies.


The purple yarn is RH comfort pounder and the white fake fur :eek has a glimmer to it for extra pizzazz.



The Coat…





This coat is worked from the waist down and then from the waist up


With purple WW and 6.mm hook

Ch 5 join with a sl st. this is a button loop…


Row1: Ch 41, hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in next 39 chains. (40 hdc)


Row 2: hdc in 5, 2hdc in next, hdc in 9, 2 hdc in next, hdc in 8, 2 hdc in next, hdc in 9, 2 hdc in next, hdc in 5.


Row 3: work hdc in every hdc but work 1 hdc between the two stitches in every increase of row 2.


Row 4: hdc in 1s, 2 hdc in next, hdc to last 2, 2 hdc in next, hdc in last.


Rows 5- 13: work evenly in hdc


Row14: work last row in dc.


Upper coat…

Return to original row and locate your ch 5 buttonhole loop.


Row 1: Attach yarn in 3rd ch and work hdc in the three chains then across the rest of the row. (44-hdc)


Rows 2 & 3: hdc evenly.


Row 4: hdc in 41, ch 1, sk 1, hdc in last 2 (buttonhole formed


Row 5: hdc in every hdc and ch sp.


Place markers for sleeves:

Place markers on stitch 11 and stitch 31. These stitches will not be worked until you do the sleeves. From here on you are working the fronts and the back sections separately.


Left front:


Row 5 L: work hdc in 10, ch 1 turn.


Row 6-9L: Hdc evenly.


Row 10L: hdc in 3, hdc decrease in next. ch 1 turn


Row 11-12L: hdc evenly in 4.


Row 13L: sc in 1st, hdc in 3. Break off leaving a long tail for sewing the shoulder seam.







Sk marked stitch and attach yarn in next st.

Row 5-10 B: hdc evenly in 19 stitches.


Row 11:B: hdc in 5, dec, hdc in 5, dec, hdc in 5.


Row 12 B: hdc in 4, sc in 9, hdc in 4.


Row 13 B: hdc in 4, sc in 1, slst in 7, sc in 1, hdc in 4. Break off yarn.


Right Front… attach yarn at Centre Front.


Rows 5-9 R: hdc evenly in 13 sts.


Row 10 R: hdc in 3, dec in next. ch 1 turn


Row 11-12R: hdc evenly in 4.


Row 13R: sc in 1st, hdc in 3. Break off leaving a long tail for sewing the shoulder seam.


The sleeves:

Sleeves: attach yarn in underarm and work around the sleeve opening. I use sc in the underarm and hdc for the rest for at least 3 rows. Then work in full hdc for as many rows as you need. You will need to decrease occasionally to make a nicely formed sleeve. I should have decreased more often but I wanted it to be able to fit over another outfit.


Add Fur Trim. Working along the inside edge, add a row of hdc in 2 strands of white Fake Fur to the entire edge of the coat and for each sleeve.




Note: I tried to make this large enough to fit over another outfit but it is still a bit close. It might not hurt to work in more increases on the skirt portion to get better coverage.


The Hat …




With 5.5 mm hook and purple yarn…


Row 1: ch 9, hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in next 6, 5 hdc in end ch, hdc in each to end.


Row 2: hdc in 7, 2 hdc in 5, hdc in 7


Row 3: hdc in 10, 2hdc in 4, hdc in 10


Row 4: 2 hdc in first and last stitches, hdc in the rest.


Row 5: hdc in 12, 2hdc in 4, hdc in 12.


Row 6 – 10: work evenly in hdc. Break off purple.


Row 11. work with 2 strands of FF.. hdc evenly across row and break off. Tidy all ends


Ties and trim

Ties – Ch 3, 2 hdc in 2nd ch from hook, ch 2, sl st into 2nd ch from hook, ch 30, pick up the hat and work sc across the bottom of the hat, ch 32, work 2 hdc in 2nd ch from hook, ch 2, sl st into 2nd ch from hook. Secure and break off purple.


Trim the hat in any way that suits you. I tied several strands of the FF to the back of the hat.




The Muff…





Uses 2 strands of WW yarn with 8.mm hook and FF uses 2 strands together with a 6.mm hook


With purple and 8.mm hook chain 14 and join to form a ring.


Work 5 rows of hdc and break off. I used the original yarn tails for my bead trim but tidied away the last tails.


Trim: do both ends. With FF and 6mm hook…

Begin at bottom of opening and sc around and join. Work extra sc if you need them to fill in for the larger stitches.

Use sc to close about half of the opening and tidy the ends. Add bead or button trims if you like them.


A Tip: I found that I got more ‘fur’ on the edge if I worked around the inside edge rather than the outside edge.




The Boots…





Needs Purple and White WW yarn and a 5.mm hook


Sole: with purple, ch 6


Row 1: 2 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next, hdc in next 2, 5 hdc in end ch, hdc in 2, sc in next, 3 more sc in beginning ch. Join ch 1


Row 2: 2sc in same st as join, sc in 5, 2 sc in next 5, sc in 5, 2 sc in last 2. Break off and tidy ends.


Tip: because the holes tend to gape with so many stitches in them, I use the yarn tail to close up these gaps in the sole.


Place soles good side down and attach white at heel area. (where you finished)


Uppers: with white…


Row 1: work FPsc around outside stitches, join. Ch 1 and turn.


Row 2: work hdc around but with a decrease at both sides of heel. (24 hdc)


Row 3: hdc in 6, 6 hdc decreases, hdc in 6.


Row 4: hdc evenly around (18 hdc)


Pick the two stitches at the front of the boot to begin your Post st. work. Try to get the two boots to ‘match’.





Row 5: hdc to your first chosen Post st. work FPdc around stitch, work hdc in same stitch. Work hdc in next st and FPdc around same stitch. Hdc to end and join.


Row 6: work hdc in hdc and FPdc around FPdc.


Row 7: work as row 6 but work an extra stitch between the 2 hdc at the front. (the ones between the post sts.)


Row 8: work evenly keeping the pattern but inc one at end of row.


Row 9: work evenly in pattern. Break off and tidy ends. Create your laces as you wish.





You could work a row of ‘fur’ around the top of the boots. I find the FF tough on my hands so I only use it where necessary.




Copyright: Darlene Cutler - 2008


I do not have a problem with people/groups using my patterns to make a little extra money by physically making them and selling the items they make.


However, I do not permit the selling of my patterns for money. I have once given permission for a booklet to be made of them for a charitable sale and I may do so again *if I am asked* and if it is for a church, charity or school type group. But first you have to ask.


Furthermore, If you choose to use my patterns as a money maker, I do not permit my images to be used for any advertizing of your work. You must make your own item and photograph that. These images are as much a part of my Web image as a designer as the patterns are and I reserve that use to myself alone.

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This is wonderful! My Daughter will absolutely love it for her dolls. She has 3 Precious Day dolls (think american girl) and it will be fun to make up matching coats for them! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

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Oh, she's beautiful, Darski! Thank you so much for sharing your designs and talent.I don't mean to be nosy, (I am, and just can't help myself!) but is there a special little girl in your life that you design these for, or is it a love for dolls, and designing? Whatever the reason, I am so glad that you share them with us! Thank you!

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I snag every one of your patterns that you post. Whenever I start making dolls again, your patterns will be at the top of my 'to do' list.

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I really hate to be stupid but would these fit an American Girl doll? I don't have children so I have no clue. I'd love to make some American Girl doll clothes for my two favorite little cousins dolls.

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