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Birdhouse Dishcloth-Knitted-Better photo added 6-6-08


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Ok, I'm LOVING LOVING this book of patterns, this one took me a little longer than the Tulip one, but only because things were more hectic, and I couldn't just sit and do this one... well also, I "sat and did" the tulip and my house had to recover from the neglect :lol... c'mon you've done that too, you know you have!


Sorry if the pic is a little dark, the lighter ones didn't show the detail very well... this one is so cute, I mean it even has a little bird!!


Edited to add: replaced photo with light of day photo, I think it shows a lot better now :)








I'm trying to decide which one I'm going to cast on next... I'm thinking the cherries or the cardinal, not sure yet though.

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