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Tips on How to Introduce Your Business

Crochetville LLC

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Crochetville is happy to support all our members who have an indie business that is crochet-, fiber-, or craft-related. Please post an introductory thread about your business so we can learn more about what you have to offer.


Where Should I Post?

If you sell items that would be used by crocheters or fiber artists (such as patterns, yarns, hooks, tools, etc.), please post in the Introduce Your Indie Business: Items for Crocheters and Fiber Artists folder.


If you sell finished crocheted items or items for other crafts, please post in the Introduce Your Indie Business: Everything Else folder.

What Should I Post?


To make it easy for members to find your introductory post when searching the forum, we suggest you include your business name in your thread title.


You may want to include some of the following information in your post:


Your name

Your business name

Link to your business site

Brief history of your business

Description of the products you carry

Pictures of some of your most popular items


You're welcome to include any other information about your business that you'd like to share as well.


We look forward to learning more about all of our indie business owners!

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