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My very first filet project is complete! I learned a lot doing this and am quite satisfied with it for that reason alone. It's the first project I've had to do so much frogging and reworking but it was worth it for the lessons learned. :D


It was worked in size 10 thread with a 7 hook and the pattern can be found here. I'm not so sure you can tell from the photo but it's baby pink and will be perfect for dd's room. :D


The hardest part for me was attempting to block an oblong shape AND all those corners and "straight" edges so excuse the amateur work!


It's over 12 inches across and 9 and a half from top to bottom. With all the learning from scratch and unraveling and redoing and the pain in my hand from holding it too tight while I worked until I figured out didn't need a death grip, it took me 2 days.




Thank you for looking! :hook

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What is this word, "amateur"? I see absolutely nothing amateur about this pretty bit of filet lace. Instead it looks extremely well done, right down to the blocking you denigrated. It's really very nice. Your daughter will love having it in her room!

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so pretty, just right for a little girl such as your dd. keep up the fab work!

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