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Baby blankets and/or squares for Medically Ill Children

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Is this still in the works? If so, what size blankets are you wanting. I've read through the thread, but didn't see a size listed.




Any size is needed! I actually have like 3 blankets that I have kept at my house (for the first babies we get) but the rest I have donated already! Any size from premature babies up to teenagers are needed! The last box I gave just last week had 2 larger afghans in it and they were so thankful for them because usually they don't get things for teenagers in the program. But really any size can be used.


It is amazing to me that these children come into this program so sick and then are either adopted out or are put into institutions and have nothing that is truly theirs, esp something handmade. I know I take these kinds of things for granted coming from a loving home and knowing my parents and having pictures of my childhood and such so if giving a child that's been in my care a home-ade blanket will at least give them an anchor to their childhood that's the least I can do.


Another one of my "goals" is to try and make sure every child who leaves our home has a mini-scrapbook of the time they were with us so at least that time isn't lost. Esp since we are taking children up to 2 years old, odds are they may say their first words with us or take their first steps with us.


(Can you tell that we are super passionate about this cause?) Anyway, any size or shape will find a loving home! Please PM me for my addy!


THANKS a bunch and whenever you get it done is fine! This is an on-going thing so there's no rush!

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So sorry I haven't updated the thread... As of right now we are in a "holding pattern." On Feb 21st, Medicaid accepted our application and we are waiting for them to issue a billing number for us. As soon as they do we will have a baby! The paperwork was actually sent in on Jan 21st and it took them a month to accept it so now we're just waiting for the billing to happen. We couldn't send this in until we had everything else done and that took forever! This is the very last step (so we're told) so this is just incredibly hard all the waiting! So right now we're just trying to get the house as prepared as possible!


We were told that it takes an average of 3 months to get the billing so I guess I won't get too anxious until May comes around, huh?


I am still accepting blankets if anyone would like to send them!


I did get a blanket this week but I'm not sure who it's from. The name on the package was Christy from NJ. I'm not sure of her Crochetville name but it's a lovely blue & white blanket! Thanks so much!


I'll be sure to update again once I hear more!

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I just wanted to give an "update" although I think most of you know that we got our first child a little over a month ago! So things have been very crazy as you can imagine! We are thrilled and so blessed to be able to do this! To say I'm busy is putting it mildly but I love my new life and to be able to help take care of a sick child has really been such a blessing not only for me but my hubby. It makes this long road all worth it!


The baby we have right now is very sick and is in the hospital again so I've been back and forth to Orlando every other day until she gets to come home again but since I had a few minutes I wanted to update this thread. To date, over 50 afghans have been given to Medically Ill foster children and it's all thanks to you guys! I cannot tell you how touched I am! It seems like every couple of weeks I'll get either another ghan or even a box with several ghans with a note to donate these to the charity! Considering that I haven't even been able to update this thread in quite awhile that's amazing! I also was so excited to meet this kind lady at a garage sale a little over a month ago who makes ghans for shut ins and I bought up all her scrap yarn and when I told her why I was buying it, she went and grabbed all the ghans she had made to date and asked me to give them to the children! I was so touched!


So, children are really being blessed because of your generosity and of course others as well! If you have squares or complete blankets (any size as there are teenagers in this program too) that you'd like to donate, don't hesitate to e-mail or PM me for my addy as I am constantly taking donations. If I don't get back to you right away, that just means I'm away from the computer which happens sometimes for a couple of days at a time.


Thanks again everyone and I wanted to extend the "THANK YOU" that many of the foster families expressed at the last meeting when they were able to pick out blankets for each of their medical foster kids. You guys really make a difference even if you can't see it! These children will have these for the rest of their lives! What a wonderful thing!!!

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Hello again! I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone! I just delivered another big bag full of ghans to CMS (Children's Medical Services) last week!!! Everyone has been so generous!!! I actually rcv'd several boxes full of small squares which I have been joining into baby blankets (I usually work on these while I'm at Dr's appts with my little one!) so I will have several more once these are finished but between everyone here on the 'Ville, the generosity of some other on-line friends and believe it or not, the kindness of strangers I have met at garage sales, we have really been able to make a huge impact in the lives of these medical foster kids!!!!


I am always accepting ghans, whether baby, children, teenager sized, it doesn't matter. If you'd like to help, please shoot me an e-mail or PM. But mainly this was just a super THANK YOU for all your generosity!!!!!

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