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Comfortghan Request - Updated 6/23


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A lady from my church is supporting her hubby as he battles cancer. I'm not sure what all the details are, but it seems to be lymphoma~~they found a mass in his neck and when the doctors checked it out, there were malignant tumors spread throughout most of his lymph nodes. Margie and Jerry didn't know how bad the cancer was until after the surgery when the multiple tumors were found.


I'm not sure what his progress to date is, but a couple of months ago, Jerry was still recovering from another surgery. This family has been in my choir's prayers for a long time, but I think it would help for them to know there are other people who care for them in their situation. :manyheart



'Ghan Details:

I don't know what color their decor is, so I'm guessing that they would appreciate any color combination. I'm thinking 7" squares, and I'll probably join them with off-white. I'd like to make this a "standard" sized ghan.


Squares Received as of 6/23:

from Coralie (Seneca and Scooch): 4 :ty

from Stacey (dixieredhead): 2 :ty

from Stacey's daughter: 1 :ty

from Barbara (Nashville Crocheter): 4 :ty

from Cheryl (diamond): 11 :ty





  • Michelle (MiCountess) ~ 1
  • Coralie (Seneca and Scooch) ~ 5
  • Sondra ~ 1
  • Cindy (Crochet Chronicles) ~ 4

from Natasha (Shea429): 3 :ty

from Megan (megan): 4 :ty


from Kathy (kahud48): 7 :ty


Total: 36


Yarn for squares: $12 donated toward yarn for this and other comfortghans from my church choir (it's a small choir, so that's a generous donation!)


Thanks for any participation! :hook Please feel free to e-mail or PM me for my address.

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Okay, just for the sake of trying to coordinate the colors a bit, let's make this one in country colors. I'm still planning on joining with off-white, so any muted shades would be more than welcome.


If you've already started squares for this 'ghan and they're not in muted colors, that's okay. I'll use them where they look best! :D


Thank you all for your help! :hug :hug

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I'll be sending you 10 squares out tomorrow (6-2). Today is my son's graduation day.

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~Melissa~ your squares are on their way. You should receive them by the middle of the coming week. There is 10-11 squares in a small white box. Be on the lookout for it. I put "Crochetville Squares" on the back of the box.

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I finally was able to mail your squares today. I am sending 4. 3 of them coordinate with each other, one does not. Hopefully it will be similar in color to others you get.



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With the squares I've received, have been promised, and the ones I'm making for the choir, I now have enough squares to make this comfortghan. Thank you all for helping make this happen for a wonderful couple! :ty I'll make sure that they know that a lot of caring women put their hearts into making this blanket for them. :c9


I'll do my best to post a picture as soon as I get my choir's contribution completed and I have all squares arranged.

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