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Bare in mind, Im only 13. =)


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Yay! I found her to model. I put her on it and she fell asleep! :D

We are watching Dora... maybe thats it. icon_look.gif

Aha. xD


Here she is:

[Again, sorry for the bad picture. I have to use my webcam thats built in to my computer because I cant find my camera. icon_frustrated.gif]

Andandand ignore the Barbie sheets. icon_look.gif xD


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That's REALLY good! I have a cat who is named lily too, but he's a boy. LOL Long story. Apparently my husband doesn't know the difference. I like your kitty bed. 13 and crocheting? That's great. I didn't even know how to crochet at that age.

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I love your kitty's bed! You did a great job. Now I'm inspired to make one for my dog. Did you use a pattern you could share, or did you make it up yourself?

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