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Pooh & Friends

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I have the pattern book in thread and it took a few minutes to figure out how to do the legs. i have pooh done and then I set it aside. I think I will have to bring them out again and get the rest don

When I tried and tried to make Pooh and got so darn frustrated with his leg I emailed them several times and asked what am I doing wrong and they tried to tell me there's no problem with the pattern :think But they did try to explain the leg instructions better for me. I have to say if the pattern was wrong and other people had trouble too it makes me feel so much better :) I thought there was something wrong with me. I hate to be happy other's had problems but gosh darnit I knew there was something wrong. Now I'm irritated that they didn't look at it then and say the pattern is wrong , here's the corrections:irk Instead led me to belive I can't read a pattern not cool people :angry Stepping down now:soap


Kinda funny how Pooh & his Friends caused such a contraversy :lol

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You're right about the controversy. I emailed them myself and they said that the instructions were correct as written. They then sent me a page explaining the instructions. I never read the email instructions, but finally figured it out myself in one of those 'A-Ha' moments.

What I found funny is that each character had a different way of attaching the legs/arms/etc. It's like someone different wrote each pattern (which they probably did). Anyway, the instructions were correct, they just did a bad job in explaining the directions. Illustrations would have been great.

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By the time I got the explanantion I was so fed up I couldn't make myself try again, and by now I'm sure I've thrown away the pieces of Pooh I had started on.I plan to try again & if I have any questions I'm asking you :)



You have inspired me to try again :hug

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I have a pattern booklet for Pooh and friends but it is in thread. Do you think that it would be ok to do it in ww??


Somewhere somebody did the ones in thread in worsted and said they worked up fine, actually they said the patterns were less confusing.

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