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What kind of patterns would you like to see more of?

What kind of crochet patterns would you like to see more of?  

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  1. 1. What kind of crochet patterns would you like to see more of?

    • Hats/ Scarves
    • Wrist Warmers/ Gloves/ Fingerless Gloves
    • Shrugs/shawls/stoles
    • Baby sweaters/ layettes
    • Baby Hats/ Mittens/ Booties
    • Sweaters/ Vest
    • Afghans/ Lapghans/
    • Kitchen Items (dishcloths/ scrubbies/ dish towels)
    • Other

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That's a good one. I've seen alot of patterns that are missing that. That's one of the things I try to put on all of my patterns.


Thanks for all of the input everyone!!!

I was really hoping that this thread would help designers to get a really good idea of what people want and it's doing exactly that I think.



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I think I voted for baby stuff cuz I just love to do baby things, especially really frilly dresses (like shifios, I visit her site and just drool - have her patterns on my wish list) and would love to see more little boy patterns.


Would also love to see customizable sizes - I am currently working on a very customizable pattern that can work for preemie to adult.


Now I would like to make tank tops and sweaters for the larger woman (like 2X or 3X) and those are hard to come by. Havent found any that I like (and not many at all really) so I would love some of these patterns!

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I voted other for a different reason. I would like to see some big name corporations allow some people the rights t to create more patterns using copyrighted items. Like hasbro, nintendo, and so forth.

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I voted "other". I am getting interested in socks, & there are way more knit sock patterns than crochet.


I'd also like to see some more shawl patterns.


I have so many baby, hat, dishcloth patterns, I'll never get through them.

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i'm probably way behind the times on this post but heck here goes anyway...

i like "sexy" crochet stuff....i love crocheting bikini's and halters and recently i crocheted a halter top backless floor length prom dress.

i'd love to see more dresses and lingerie and bikini's...

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Hi, I am so into purses at the moment. I just really enjoy making them. I have fice made at the moment going to donate them to some local groups. I also want to make some shawls. I have always wanted for for myself, but never had taken the time to make one.:crocheting:ty

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I voted afghans but I am not sure why since I already have more afghan patterns than I will ever have time in my life to finish! I just love them and I buy every unique one I see. I have yarn bought for 2 at the moment not counting all the bright colors for the kids' round ripples. I have about half a dozen in my "want to do" pile that I haven't bought yarn for yet. Still......if you come up with a unique pattern that I don't already have something close to, I am likely to buy it. It is an obsession. What can ya' do? ;)


HAHAHA -- I just went back through and realized we are reopening a 2008 thread! I guess good ideas are never out of date though. :)

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I have a hard time finding young girl and boy patterns - lots of baby, toddler etc but not much for children 5 -13 (ages of most of my grandkids). I have adapted several toddler or adult patterns for cowls , sweaters etc but I don't like to 'design' when I am ready to make something!! Wish someone who likes to design would focus on this age group of both boys and girls !

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I am always on the lookout for patterns that take smaller amounts of yarn like one or two skeins for the entire project. Wristlets, placemats, coffee cozies, cowls or neck warmers, slippers, socks and hats. I'm also a "thread addict" so any patterns that are elegant and can be done with 400 to 1000 yards would be great whether clothing, accessories or decorative house items.

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I'd like to see more crochet lingerie and functional crochet bathing suits.


My reasoning is that there are tons of patterns available for all of the other options listed, but I think there is a real place for crochet lingerie, in particular. It can be covering and revealing all at the same time, and given that each piece could be custom made, crochet lingerie can showcase beauty and hide flaws all at once.

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I would personally like to see more adult female patterns for sweaters and

vests for older woman. Things that run to large x -large sizes which would

be east to put on and off for the elderly and disabled. Sweaters that would

warm and comfortable. A lot of the modern patterns are more fitted and more for show than warmth.

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