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poncho and shawl confusion

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Hi everyone ,

Im sure this has been posted before but im wondering if someone can help.


I have yet to crack the secret of how to make ponchos and shawls ( the triangle shaped ones )


I can follow patterns now with out a lot of trouble and make granny squares but i cant figure out how to make ponchos and shawls from a single piece nor can i figure out how to make the triangle ''fillers '' that go in between granny squares when im making a shawl to fill in the edges..


i did try making a poncho by making a giant granny square with a head size hole in the middle but it got all bunched up and didnt sit properly


so i have these questions ..


- is there a general pattern or rule for when to increase or decrease when making large triangular pieces that i can use with differant stitches depending on the look i want ?


- how how how do i make the triangle bits that will help to make a straight edge on my granny square shawl and whats the rule for adjusting their size ?


- is there a really simple pattern i can use for a large poncho ? the ones if seen so far on the net are pretty confusing .. :(


thanks in advance for any help or advice everyone :)

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This is a really easy granny poncho pattern. It is basically a 2 cornered granny with a hole in the middle for your head. I made a several of these for gifts a few Christmases ago. It's basically the "martha" poncho without the scalloped edge.


I imagine if you tried to make a regular 4 cornered granny with a head-hole it would lay "bunchy"; this has one corner in the front and one in back and lays nicely.



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Here is a simple triangular shawl, not a granny, but might work for you.




Here's a doily doily that starts out like you would make a triangular granny shawl. Just follow the pattern through row 5, then repeat row 5 until you get to the length/width you want.



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