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Look what i made for my sisters Chi's


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Hi there:


After seeing the sweaters that gretelgrrl made for charity i decided to give them a try for my sisters chi's.

I also used the pattern from www.KristinasKrochet.50webs.com


First photos is of Sparky 9 month old long hair chihuahua you can see from view and back view. I did have to alter that pattern a bit to make it fit for him....


The other photos of of my sisters 3 year old toy chihuahua her name is Sweetie. You can see in hers i had to use a much smaller hook to make it fit to her. You'll see three photos of her she is scared of the camera...







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Oh wow Lilly...I love these! I wish Isa could wear one ...I would make her a dozen...they look so cute with them and all cuddled up on yours sisters chest.They are really neat. Good work.

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Thank you ladies for your kind words one thing i can say is that they are keeping my sisters fur babbies nice and warm.

she got another chi but that one weighs 17 pounds so I will have to see how i can make her one...

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Hello! These are adorable! I tried to post a reply earlier, but I guess it didn't take...


Anyway-- great job -and I love that you were able to take a picture of them being modeled! It makes a big difference.


What lil sweeties!


nice work!:cheer

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