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Crochet lessons donated

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I have done this three years in a row. Donated Crochet lessons to the auction at the school where my children go.


One year, I taught a set of triplet girls (seventh graders) how to crochet and then we did a project of decorating flip flops as a first project.


The girls had fun and learned something also.


My kids are out of the school now, and I was asked to donate if I could. The school was very good for my kids, so of course, I said I would. It's just a way to give back.


Has anyone else done this for an auction?



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I just found this thread, but thought I'd comment.


I was asked to teach a class & the participants are paying a fee that is donated to charity. I'm even donating the materials from my stash (hubby's thrilled because he's either ready for me to crochet a lot or give it away!)


It sounds like a lot of fun, but I have to admit being nervous. I've only taught a couple of people before, but I've crocheted for years. I'm still trying to figure out how to stucture the class, but I'm really excited for the opportunity!

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