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Information about Crochet for Charity/Comfortghans

Crochetville LLC

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Who Can Participate

Everyone (registered members and non-registered visitors) has read-only access to both the Crochet for Charity and the Comfortghans folders. Only registered members are able to post.


What Can Be Requested

You may request only crocheted items.


Requests for any other items will be removed without notice if posted without prior approval. If you would like to request other items, please use the Contact Us form so we can discuss your request.

Donate at Your Discretion
Crochetville staff does not investigate the validity of any of the charitable requests in this folder. Please send items to any charities or members at your own discretion.

Providing Contact Information
People who initiate charitable projects may refuse to give out their personal contact information to any member for any reason at any time; they do not have to specify a reason for making such a decision. If someone refuses to give you their information, please *do not* post about it on the forum. (Any such posts will be promptly deleted.) Please handle those issues privately. If necessary, you can contact AmyS or Donna via PM to help with resolution, but we cannot and will not attempt to make a member divulge their personal information against their will.

Acknowledging Donations
After you receive an item from another member, please be gracious and acknowledge receipt of the item either by posting in the thread, by PM, or by email.

If you're collecting donations for a particular project, it's always a great idea to make a follow-up post to let contributors know the project was completed and delivered.

If Your Donation Isn't Acknowledged
If you have donated something and do not receive an acknowledgment, please contact the original poster privately (PM or email) to ask if they have received your item. Do not post to the forum to complain/discuss the fact that you haven't received a thank-you or other response. All such posts will be deleted. You may contact AmyS or Donna via PM for help with resolution if you like.

If You Want an Update on a Project
If you contributed items for a project and the original poster hasn't posted about the outcome of the project, you may wonder if the project was completed. Please contact the original poster via PM to request they update the thread.

Effective March 26, 2010

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