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Socks for DH

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After getting sidetracked with baby items, I finally finished the socks I was doing as a CAL at Yahoo crochet socks and on Ravelry... so Bob received his 2nd annual "socks for valentine's day" :manyheart, just a bit late...


2281249389_2cec573a90_m.jpg clickable!!


This pattern is a little confusing at the gussett and heel. As written, IMHO, the heel would not be centered so one has to modify the pattern a little to make it work. I detailed the changes I made at this blogpost. Photos and pattern links (Ultimate Crocheted Socks) are there as well!

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I've made this pattern a couple of times, and had to modify the heel, too. Yours look great! Can I ask what kind of yarn you used, and if your dh can wear them with shoes?


I used Patons Kroy Sock yarn for this pair. Yes we wear crocheted socks in shoes! I always use sock yarn.

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Those look great. I've made 3 pair of socks out of regular yarn to practice and see if I liked doing it. Now I've bought a bunch of sock yarn and want to make more. Thanks for sharing your changes so I won't get so confused.

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