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The Drum Afghan

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hey everyone :hi


i didnt make this but i thought htat i would share


there is a story that goes with it

my boyfriend owns a drum kit, but it has been in storage for about 3 years

the other day we decided to set it up

well there is a bass drum (the big one that is always at the frontish middle ish ) lol

well his bass is stuffed with a few sheets an blankets to get the correct SOUND .. apparently its a drum thing


anywho he said it didnt sound right so he pulled out the stuffing of the drum and this is one of the things in side


i have never seen it before :think and his mother used to crochet ....but she passed away about 20 years ago .....the blanket looks BRAND NEW so we really have no idea how old it is


when the BF was ready to restuff the drum he was like "Where is that blanket i need to stuff my drum....:faint..... I DONT THINK SO !!!!!


its really nice and now i have a new blanket :) and now it will be looked after PROPERLY :yes


oh and i put it on my bonnet of my car to give you a idea on the size


hope you enjoyed a little bit of history


Would anyone be interested in joining me in a CAL for this ghan ??

I have started a CAL in the crochet along section

I was so excited when i found this blanket that i searched and searched for a pattern and i found one :cheer

It uses scraps, works up really fast, great for that stash busting and it is worked in strips, no joining squares !!!! :woo








we can never have too much yarn can we???

If yarn heaven exists, does that mean we're all yarn

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if you start a group going for this give me a hit i love to do one has all my little odds and ends that is a cool blanket and the colors i don't really like to do grannies or strips but this i would i like the stitch too thanks for sharing

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I just love that story. Can't believe he thought you were going to let him "stuff" it back in the drum. LOL LOL It's a beautiful blanket and I'm sure his Mom put a lot of love into it.



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I've got an afghan made like that, done in autumn colors, that I've had so long I can't even remember where I got it (I didn't make this one, lol)....we're talking decades! That is one tough afghan, lemme tell you. It's been spilled on, peed on, puked on, drug around (grandkids did the peeing, puking and dragging), taken camping, washed a gazillion times and still shows no signs of retiring!


Thanks for sharing your story. Your afghan truly is a treasure.

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