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Cosmetic Bag from Bread Bags

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I always have wanted to crochet a cosmetic bag from bread bags and finally got it done! Here it is.




It's nice and colorful with all the different bread bags I collected. It's a pretty quick project and a great way to recycle some of those bread bags we all end up with. Here's the free pattern link. I think I used about 15 bags but it depends on how big your bags are.

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What a wonderful idea!! Our landfills are so full of plastic shopping bags and bread bags and such everyone should be doing something like this just to save our environment.


I have enough Wal-Mart bags to choke a horse :( This is going on my to do list for sure!!!!!!!


When you cut the strips, then do you knot them together or what? I wonder if you could just glue a decorative button on the bag, then glue a couple velcro circles to the bag for a quick closure?


I think everyone on Crochetville should start similar projects :yay

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I cut the bags into strips and interlink them together like my tutorial here. I only cut the bread bags about 1/2" wide as this makes them easier to work with. Adding decorative buttons and other embellishments is always an option to spice up your project.

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