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The Mighty & Ferocious Dragon


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The Mighty & Ferocious Dragon

dragon.gif A Pattern by miller3602 dragon.gif

*DO NOT sell the pattern in any way, shape or form! You may post a link to the pattern, BUT NOT THE PATTERN ITSElF!*




Soft worsted weight yarn in dragon color and alternating color

Size D (3-3.25mm) hook


Yarn Needle

Animal Eyes (optional)



*This pattern has not been tested!*

*All is worked right side out. Please look at the notes on bottom of page BEFORE starting your dragon.*

*Pics at bottom of page are clickable!*


Head & Body

1. Ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook~ 6

2. In BLO, sc around~ 6

3. Sc around~ 6

4. (Hdc, dc) in first st, (dc, hdc) in next, sc in last 4 sts~ 8

5. 1 sc, *ch2, sc in 2nd ch from hook*, 1 sc, **, sc in next 2, dec, dec~ 6

6. 1 sc, *going behind the ear, sl st*,**, sc in last 3 sts~ 6



7-9. Sc around~ 6

10. *inc* around~ 12

11. *sc in first st, inc* around~ 18

12-15. Sc around~ 18

16.*sc in first st, dec* around~ 12

17. *dec* around~ 6

18-25. Sc around~ 6

26. Sc 1, dec, sc 1, dec, dec

Yes, this goes into the next round!

Fasten off, weave in the ends.


Wings (Make 2)

1. Leaving a long tail, ch 10, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each remaining ch. Turn~ 9

2. Ch 1, sc in next 7. Turn~ 7

3. Ch 1, sc across. Turn~ 7

4. Ch 1, sc in next 5.

Fasten off, weaving in the shorter tail.



With alternating color, attach to the end of the tail. Do *1 sc, ch 2, 1 sc* across until you reach the head. Fasten off, weave in the ends.


Feet (Make 4)

1. Ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook~ 6

2. Sc in first 2, inc, sc in next 2, inc~ 8

3-4. Sc around~ 8

5. Sc in first 2, dec, sc in next 2, dec~ 6

6. Sc around~ 6

Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing.



Sew on dragon wings, leaving a space in between. Next, crochet on the spine. Finally, sew on all of the feet.



*I just stuck my animal eyes (without the backings) in, because I’m not giving it to a child. I recommend embroidering on the eyes if giving the dragon to a small child. Otherwise, stick `em in!

*If you think that the tail is too short, go ahead and make it longer! Decorate this baby any way you like!

*If you have any questions or comments on this pattern, please PM me. Otherwise, enjoy! :hook

th_IMG_0445.jpg th_IMG_0446.jpg th_IMG_0447.jpg th_IMG_0448.jpg th_IMG_0449.jpg

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I just had to make one for my son :) I think it might have looked better with solid yarn, but this is what I had on hand :)






My two year old loves him! :)


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How cute! This may be the perfect project for a surprise for my daughter. Who knows? Maybe I can finally convince her to learn to crochet if she sees this????


Thanks for sharing!

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