Alabama Football Afghan Pattern . . .

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If you're looking for one with the team logo, that is copyrighted and trademarked. A pattern could only be distributed legally if the designer/publisher made official licensing arrangements with the University of Alabama. Those are quite expensive, and most designers do not feel they could sell enough patterns to recoup their cost. That's why there are very, very few patterns for any type of trademarked/copyrighted group/image/whatever.


Some people choose to distribute patterns of trademarked/copyrighted images without permission, but Crochetville does not allow links to those patterns, discussion of them, or any other hints as to how somebody might find them. We have this policy in place to protect the forum against charges of contributory copyright and/or trademark infringement.


I'm not aware of any officially licensed University of Alabama crochet patterns.


You could just make any afghan pattern in the Alabama colors of crimson and white.

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