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Mainstays Soft Burgundy

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I'm trying to find two or three skeins of Walmart's old brand, Mainstays Home Yarn in Soft Burgundy #1430.


It's exceptionally difficult to find this colour, and I'm in dire need of it. I started a project ages ago, and have not been able to complete it because of this whole mess.


I've tried searching on, and google, as well as going through ebay without much luck. Does anybody know of any other sites I could check that might carry this yarn?


If worse comes to it, is there anyone who can suggest the closest colour that I can find in comparison to this shade? It's got a red hue to it, but it's very muted, and the yarn is almost brown rather than burgundy. I've found that the Red Heart deep burgundy is still too red in comparison. It's close, but not close enough to satiate me....


Thanks in advance!

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