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tonight, I taught crochet instead of knitting

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A friend of a friend admired a ghan I made...she asked the dread question "would she make one for me" ... the answer was no, but she'll show you how to make it for yourself. Smart friend of mine ;). On the upside, she had some past experience (20 years ago). On the down side, she was a lefty and I a righty, so that was a small hurdle, but we got over it. Pretty much she needed my pattern (simple simple simple) and a refresher "class." Another lady, one of our co-workers, joined us as well and she is a knitter who picked up the crochet tonight right quick. She learned chaining, sc, dc, half dc, slip st and dcs into a ring. She left with some swatches, and also joined a small rectangle into a square leaving the top open and adding a chained handle...as a little "purse" for her granddaughter, and that she did on her own! She was a great student!!! I lent her the hook and yarn to see if she'd enjoy it; she's going tomorrow to buy supplies for a small lapghan which she may make in granny square style. :hook

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