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I have been teaching crochet classes at the public library where I work, and I would like some input from those of you with more experience. I started by offering a class where we made a coffee cozy, and the students were supposed to come back each week for four weeks (one-hour sessions) to finish it. This did not go over well, as my attendance dropped off after week one.


I tried again with a series of two-hour, workshops to which I have had great response. In the first, we made a wire and bead necklace, which all but one of my 11 students completed within an hour. In the second, we learned how to make plastic bag yarn and started working on a tote bag. I had 14 people come, and most of them got a good start, although I am not sure if they followed through or not.


I have not held the third workshop yet, but we will be making a thread snowflake. For the previous two classes, I did not require students to know crochet ahead of time, but I worried that it might be too complicated for new crocheters. I am thinking of offering a second project, possibly with yarn, for new crocheters, while allowing the more experienced students to work on the snowflake.


What do you experienced teachers think? Should I offer a second project? If so, do you have any ideas that are winter/holiday related.



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