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Never tried to improv knitting before...

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Here's the idea...



We were at the mall, and my friend fell in love with this $100 sweater. If all this yarn nonsense has done anything to me, it's ruined my shopping experience. I keep saying, "Oh, I could make that!" And I want to try. New challenges and new horizons!


I think I want to try to knit the top part, then crochet the bottom part. I know I can figure the crochet out fine. But I've only been knitting for two years.


The point:

Have any suggestions for a pattern I can use for the top half? Or, more likely, how I can modify a bolero pattern to my needs?


Thanks for your help!



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good for you to think of doing it


the first part start with the number of stichs you need for your size

for example: you need 100sts for the back widness of the peice

for the front you`ll devide it into 2 so the right front side takes 50sts and the left front side takes 50sts

you start the side you need for example the right side:

start with 50 sts

row 1 ws: knit all sts

riw2 :purl all sts

row 3 : knit 2 tog , knit the rest sts

rep row 2+3

until you reach the sholders and bind off



the left side the same idea but the the knit 2 tog in the oppisit side



the second part is rectangle of the favourite stich of yours and attach it in that way to the bolero as shown in the drawn pic that i`ve drawn




and don`t forget the sleeves and bottoms :)


wish you best of luck

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q8 crochet, your directions and illustration are very good....all I can add is think of each piece like a sewing pattern. That is the shape (or at least as similar as possible) that you need to complete....then you sew them all together, or find a way to combine each piece into 1 piece if you can without seaming....and then go with the crochet bottom. A friend of mine who crochets gave me that idea a long time ago to think about the front(s) back and sleeves as separate sewing pattern pieces. If you can visualize it, you can usually succeed in making it. Good luck....hope you post pics as you go along.

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Thanks so much for the run-down. Sounds simple enough. Just need to measure and go shopping!

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sometimes I make a pattern from fabric (usually muslin) or brown paper bags and then make knit/crochet pieces to match the size of the fabric. Then sew it all up...


Gorgeous sweater by the way...

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