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Fall la la poncho


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some things i made for fall-ness weather...

they are very handsome, but the green in tha pics comes out funky. (boo!)

i also made a fall blanket but it is in use and also very shy, i made it with 4 skeins of caron one pound (yeah its huge) and a hat and scarf which are currently also in use by my manservant :manyheart

here ya go! pics are clickable





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Hi lilmari! I especially like the way the shrug fits you. Beautifully done! What pattern did you use and yarn?


thanks :D

i just winged it with a simple mesh stitch, measuring and trying it on all the time til it was done. i used cervinia (genoa or genova i can never remember the spelling) sport weight yarn, and a size I aluminum hook.

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