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need help desperately

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i am not all that new to crocheting, but i have never been able to figure out how to sc around a project especially on the sides. if i do it like i think i should the ones on the sides are long and not short like the others, and it won't make the shell stitch around the blanket right. i am working on a pattern i got off internet, it is a baby car seat blanket very easy and cute, making this for my first grand-daughter. i hope you can help me with a link or a pic of how to do it.

thanks again


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This is the way I do it.

Usually the final row of an afghan has stitches per inch that are easy to count. Let's say the last row has 200 DCs and measures 25 inches. I dividie the 200 by 25 and get 8. Now I know that I need 8 stitches per inch.


For the sides that arent' obvious I place a marker every inch. Bobby pins work well. My favorite is a yarn needle filled with contrasting yarn or thread. I create long stiches up the side that are spaced as close to an inch as possilbe. Then I do SCs all around the afghan as my base.


I place 8 SCs between each inch. The markers help me avoid guessing. If the sides are slightly different in length, that is one side is 50 inches and the other side is 50.5 inches, then absorb that extra half inch in a couple of the other inches.


The top had 200 stitches, you want to make sure the bottom has 200 SCs. My starting rows are frequently wider than my finishing row. I make sure my starting end only has 200 SCs. That means I may have to cheat on my inch markers again and make them slightly wider.


At the corner, place 3 SC into each corner. The 3 SC allow it to have a squared off corner when you begin the shells.


This is difficult to put into words, so I hope someone else can toss in their 2¢.

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