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ComfortGhan for friend with fertility problems


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A very dear friend of mine is going thru a really hard time. She had a miscarriage about a year ago. Then she was diagnosed with PCOS. She has been on clomid for 3 months with no luck. She is now about ready to start her next dose, but double the strength.


I hate seeing such a great friend go thru such a hard time. Erica and her husband have a 3 year old son, but have always hoped for a very large family. She's having a hard time accepting her infertility and since I don't live close enough to comfort her personally I'd love to send her a comfort blanket.


I'd appreciate any squares that you can donate. I'd like them to be in shades of pink, in acrylic yarns. And I'd like them to be 7 inches square. If you could please include at least your name and email address with each square so that Erica can send thank yous. The blanket is a surprise for her, but I know she will want to thank everyone for the squares!


Thank you to anyone who is able to help out. Pm me and I will be happy to send my address to you for the squares. :c9



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if you need more send me a pm i could probably get a couple done for you when do you need them by


I guess I never set a date to get it done by. Just when ever I get enough squares. I am making the blanket 7 x 8 so a total of 56 squares. If you'd like to make a few squares when you get some free time, that would be great. I'll PM you with my address.

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