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Leprosy Bandages...

Guest 000blueberry000

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I've had a great response on my EB forum! Here's some posts from people:


Stevie said:

"Hi Chastity they sound great one question are they big and bulky or thin and small i no this sounds strange but i like lite bandages that dont make my arm or foot look twice as big. i would love some in pink or purple they would be so cool."

So for her perhaps size 10 crochet thread in pretty girly purple and pink would be great.


bethann said:

"I think this is an awesome idea and would love to use some..it has been my quest sine casey was born to make him look less bandaged..I dye the tubifast right now to match his outfits on his arms!! Casey is only one so I don't know if you are only doing adult sizes?? I would love to try some blue ones..any shade..and leg ones to match his shorts would be cool too...My dream has always been to have a little soft crocheted stocking cap with a pop pom on the end...My mom is a crocheter but won't make a hat for casey since she is afraid it will hurt him..Zachary my other son always had one...I think every idea you have come up with here is fantastic..I would love to use some..And if they are taking donations to buy the yarn, I would be happy to donate to them as well...The only crocheted thing I have for Casey is a scarf out of super soft yarn that I use in the car seat..I put it on like a regular scarf and it protects his neck from the car seat straps..I just love it.. Please count me in on this project..I just love all the ideas you have..beth"

In addition to the bandages her son would really love anything a one year old could use made out of the most super-soft yarn possible. If you need help with cost, she's willing to buy the yarn.


Thank you all soooo much.


PS. I don't have authorization to start my own thread here or I would...


I just started a bandage last night, I would love to donate it to someone on your forum.

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That will be great! Thanks so much, just PM me when you're ready to send!

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Hello, I had used the 4ply cotton bandages requested by Global Health Ministries to teach some friends to crochet. When I was ready to send them, I found out they didn't really need them. I think I found info here at Crochetville about the Bandage Brigade. I contacted them and they are happy to use these.


Linda Stocker

Bandage Brigade

171 Mulkey Lane

Ariel, WA 98603


Linda Stocker [sgtstocker@gmail.com]

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On 2/14/2005 at 4:30 PM, Guest ilovekrochet said:

i make alot of these bandages. i use an e hook and 18 stitches across. that makes them 3" x 4ft.. they take awile to make, so i keep mine in the car and work on them while i wait for people.

Approximately how long does it take to make a completed leper bandage? 


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On 10/3/2020 at 5:20 PM, Akimber said:

Approximately how long does it take to make a completed leper bandage? 

I'm sorry I missed your above post. This post is 8-15 years old so I'm pretty sure these folks are no longer active on here. You might look online for info about crochet/knit bandages for leprosy. There might be some patterns floating around.

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