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Could anyone help me with Graphics?


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I am trying to create a graphic of a Crochet Hook by scanning in one of my hooks here at home.


The only programs I have are


  1. Photoshop 5.5
  2. Imageready 2.0
  3. Fireworks 4.0
  4. or the Paint program that comes with Windows XP

I dont want it to be a photo, I want it to be a Clip art type thing...


Could someone here help me? :D :D :D I need this for some commercial stuff I am doing to promote my patterns and classes!


You can contact me privately if you wish!

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To the best of my knowledge (and I checked with my husband the web designer), the best way to do it is make a new layer over your photo and draw your hook using your photo as a guide.

Delete the photo layer and work with your drawing adding shading or outline or whatever. Just play with it until you get a look you like.

Maybe someone knows something else.

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I also wanted to mention I created the Crochetville hook by tracing an actual crochet hook on white paper (with pencil) and coloring it in by hand with a marker. Then I scanned the drawing.

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