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Who's on Ravelry?


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Just do some surfing here:




I'm on the waiting list right now but I am so totally chomping the bit to get in. I am an organizing nut and will just love this.


Here's a link to the yarn harlot kudos to it:



All I hear is it's addictive.

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:cheerI went to ravelry to check my spot on the list and they said we sent you an invite yesterday! DOH! :think guess i should check my e-mail more often? lol :clap heading over now!:yay

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Just ate my first post. UGH


Anyway, I've finally made it to ravelry. Unfortunately it's a very busy weekend here. We've got some home improvements going on right now. So I'm grabbing every free minute to jump on and add some stuff or look around. All I can say is WOW!


I'm PJ326 over there...stop by and say HI!

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