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Who's on Ravelry?


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Okay, I know there's another thread discussing Ravelry, and people who have signed up have listed their profiles over there, but I'm interested in just creating a list of Crochetvillager's and their Ravelry alter egos. Please only post your Ravelry name/profile page on this thread, and I'll list you up here in this first post. Thanks!:manyheart


C username


R username Mia

C username pigtailninja

R username kungfufighting


C username lis

R username Lis


C username mimicat

R username mimicat


C username missamorphosis

R username iCrochet


C username Misty.Creek

R username mistycreek

C username thecrochetdude

R username TheCrochetDude


C username Riohnna

R username Riohnna


C username Selena K

R username SelenaK

C username Kimberly

R username Kimberly


C username caednkat

R username caednkat


C username Crocheting Commuter

R username CrochetCommuter


C username lprajogo

R username lprajogo


C username crochetkel

R username Kelcrochets


C username woolandflax

R username Heartknits


C username barbn77

R username barbn77


C username dixieredhead

R username dixieredhead


C username brianna

R username briannamewborn


C username skydramini

R username Skydramini


C username BevLoveSF

R username paletpc


C username RachelCrochet

R username yarntalk


C username pyogazel

R username pyogazel

C username Her

R username Her


C username Mermaiden

R username Mermaiden

C username KF-in-Georgia

R username KathyInGeorgia


C username Melissa

R username melissa


C username Cranky Crocheter

R username crankycrocheter


C username RachelG

R username RachelG


C username theworm

R username theworm


C username DreamsOfYarn

R username IDreamOfYarn


C username mizduck

R username MizDuck


C username angelfire

R username angelfire




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I never got an invite, either. Oh, well.
Be patient. There is a HUGE queue (US terminology = line) of people waiting for invites. This web site is still in BETA stages which means its a testing site that is not open to unlimited new members all at one time. They are stagering the addition of new members to be a little bit at a time so the system does not go on overload. They are issuing invites in a first come first out fashion so it depends on when you signed up. Also, please check your SPAM folders as people have commented on their invites ending up in there. It took me almost a month to get my invite to join after I signed up.....patience!!!!
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