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Can anyone start a crochet-a-long?


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:yay2 I wanted to start a crochet-a-long shortly after Labor Day. The topic would be cushions (pillows). I'm thinking of a specific booklet, but I think any crocheted pattern that produces a pillow of between 14 and 16 inches square would work. Joann's has a 50% off sale on pillow forms on Saturday (8/14), which is helpful.


So, my question is this...can anybody start one? I know I'd have to move it to the 'crochet-a-long' section.


This is the booklet I plan to use (I am making 2 pillows and need my Mom and sister to decide which pattern and what colors).


<a href=' alt='pillows3.jpg'>'>img.photobucket.com/album...ows3.jpg">


Take care all!

Stephanie, who is suffering from major wrist pain today again

My Crochet blog

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Stephanie, hope your wrist gets to be feeling better soon! Anyone can start a Crochet-along, and you can read some of the other CALs to get a good groundwork for getting started if you want to. After you get the details settled, I think Donna will have you make a post for the Up-to-date thread with the guidelines.

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