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Update on Bradley the 5 year boy with a tumor inside his heart


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Hi there ladies:


I wanted to say thank you to all you that sent me angel squares to make the comfortghan for Bradley age 5 now age 6 who had a tumor inside the back wall of his heart..


After suffering 2 strokes Bradley underwent surgery and a surgeon was able to go in and remove 95 percent of the tumor but still some in there cause it was too close to his main artery that goes thru the heart.


Bradley is now back home as of last week and was able to retun to school friday.


He is also in therapy to try and get more mobility ..


You can see the picture of the comfortghan i was able to put together for him at:



you might have to scroll down a little to see it but its there.


The granma came to church today and gave me a big hug and told me to let each of you that help make that comfortghan possible , she said its beautiful and Bradley loves it..

His parents are in AWE about the comfortghan and all..

So ladies God bless you all and thank you so much

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That is a nice comfortghan that was made for Bradley. The ladies and men here on the 'ville are awesome aren't they especially when it comes to one of us needing help. I am glad Bradley is doing okay and I pray that he will continue to do great.

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Yes ladies and gents it was wonderful news to my heart to hear those words from Bradley's grandma..


I had tears in my heart of joy in church today to know that God answers prayers and he sure did anwer these. As Bradley had to be put in a induced coma in order to operate on him as other wise he would not has with stand the surgery...


God is good.:hug

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