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comfort ghan for our sad member*AFGHAN HAS BEEN RECEIVED*


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i received a PM from our memeber shes has revceived the afghan and gave me permission to post the pm she sent me so here it is

Just a quick little hi and I got the BEAUTIFUL ghan today. I immediately wrapped myself up in it and thought of all the love, hugs and prayers that went into this. I want to thank EVERY one of the ladies who helped in making this for me. You have ALL made me feel so wonderful and each time I lay with it wrapped around me it will brong me comfort and love. It is HUGE!!! OMG. My 15 yo said wow mom I would take it from you if it werent' such "girlie" colors. ! I told him we could share it and watch a movie under it tonight if he wanted so that may be what we are going to do this evening.


Again thank you so much ALL of you but a special hug to Dawn who put this all together and made it work.



Dawn, you can post this if you wish to I won't mind. But thank you SO much for this you just don't know how much it means to me right now. Nikki

I really hope it brings her joy and to know we are all here for her :hugs to her and every one

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its just beautiful, so very glad our friend loved it and it cheered her up:lol:lol:lol:lol @ her son saying he would take it from her. fat chance of that i would say lol, i hope dear sad friend your life is getting better and that you know we all care and love you. god bless you:manyheart:manyheart

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Wow! You all did such a beautiful job on making the squares, and joining them. It really makes me appreciate the ville so much when I see members come together for eachother on here. Wow!!!


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