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Swan Lake Fingerless Gloves - Now with Photo

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I haven't ever posted a pattern before (and this pattern isn't tested), so tell me if you have any questions.


It's kind of cold here right now, and (because I play the piano) I wanted to make me some fingerless gloves. So I made these, and it was so fun that I'm going to see if I can make up another design!


Swan Lake Fingerless Glove

Swan Lake Fingerless Gloves

Yarn Needed:

1 skein white worsted weight yarn or color of choice (MC). I used a fuzzy, sort of sparkly yarn (without a label) that I had laying around. I think this would take 1-2 ounces.

Small amount Red Heart Super Saver in Aspen or complimentary color of choice. (CC)

Hook Size:

I used H, but my hands are not big, and it took just a teeny weeny bit of wiggling to get them on, so you might want to use a size I or J. Or, I suppose, you could make them smaller by using sport weight yarn and a smaller hook.

Ch. 27, join.

Rnd 1. ch 1, sc around, join.

Rnd 2. ch 1, sc around in BL only, join in BL of first st.

Rnds 3-7. Rep Rnd 2.

Rnd 8. sl st in BL next 3 sts, ch 3, crtrc around, skip last 2 sc, ch 5, join in top of ch3.

Rnd 9. ch 1, sc in BL only around, sc over chain sts, join in BL of first st.

Rnds 10-13. Rep Rnd 2.

Rnd 11. ch 1, * sc in BL of next st, sc in FL of next st* around.

Rnds 12-16. Rep Rnd 11. FO.

Attach CC in join, ch 1. Sc in each st around, join.

Next rnd: *ch 1, sl st* around, join. FO

Attach CC in top join, ch 1. Sc in each st around, join. FO.


Attach MC in thumb hole, ch 1. Make 18 sc around, join. When you come to the crtc, make 1 sc in the first end, then sc through the center of both trc, then make 1 sc in the other end.

Next rnd: Sc around, join. FO.

Special Stiches:

crtrc (Crossed TReble Crochet):

*skip next st, treble crochet in next st, treble crochet in next st*

(go BEHIND the treble crochet already made when you treble crochet in the skipped st)


Coming Soon: Another ballet-themed pattern for fingerless gloves! I'm still trying to decide between Cinderella or The Nutcracker.


Also, I am VERY VERY sorry that there is no picture. I haven't been in crochetville very long, and I haven't got that set up yet. Maybe someone who makes a pair could post a picture somewhere? :hook


Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. Copy for personal use ONLY.

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I don't have a photo, but I could take one. The problem is that I have no way of getting it on the internet. However, my sister got a digital camera for her birthday, so maybe that would help.


I'm working on Cinderella fingies at the moment. I think Petrouchka will be next (I could use clown colors for that...stripes, maybe?).

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I'm actually kind of combining this and the cinderella fingerless gloves pattern. Very well written, and I like how it looks! Nice thumbhole, too.


I actually added about 10 ch before joining in the round, since I'm a guy and I have manly, fat hands. :P


Once I've got two done, I'll post them. I'm about halfway finished with one, and it's only been a couple hours of work!

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