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? about Chenille


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I want to make a chenille throw, and I found a pattern that is for 'beginners' *perfect for me* and it calls for 7 (100yd) skeins of chenille; any color...


Have any of you crocheted with chenille? What do you like or dislike about that yarn? How expensive is a skein?


Any input would be appreciated <img border=0 src="http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/happy.gif" />

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It's hard to work with because you can't see where your stitches go; so, if the pattern calls for you to work between stitches, it won't be a big problem. One thing that really sucks is that if you have to pull something out, it could strip the yarn or break it. You just need to be careful.


It is a bit expensive, but you might be able to find some deals. I found some at AC Moore as mill ends--1 lb for $5. You will just have to keep your eyes open for sales.

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Guest jennrz4

My mom made me a throw out of Lion Brand's Thick And Quick Chenille. She said it was a dream to work with. The throw is just lovely to use. Thick soft and has a really nice weight.


I like the "seed stitch" (IIRC: sc, ch 1, sc) for this kind of yarn because you don't have to worry about finding the stitch. You just crochet in the chain 1 space from the prior row.


As far as buying it cheap. I've found the best places to get it cheap are online. I've seen it advertised online for about half the price of what it is in the stores. Here is one of my favorite places to browse cheap yarns: Smiley's Yarns They have Chenille on sale for $3.99/skein and around here the stores sell them for around $8.00/skein.


Good Luck. Let us know what you decide to get and what you are going to make with it. :D



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