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Crochet Camp cost questions

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I hope Disney surprises us... sometimes they do. It would be a great excuse to get DH to take a few days off... I'd be willing to pay more to go to one at Disney if park admission of some kind was included in the pricing. I wouldn't want to go down to Florida, stay at a Disney resort and have to then pay even more to go to the park for a few hours between events at the 'camp', or in the evening.

I really like the thought of going to something like this, especially if it was held/sponsored by the 'ville. (I have issues being in social situations where I don't know anyone... but I know lots of people here!)


Well, I heard back from Disney, and the news isn't good. They offered a room rate (single/double) of $165 a night at Coronado Springs Resort. The regular room rate is $189; I just don't think $24 is that much of a discount.


The good news is that they give you all the meeting room space for free, but the catch is that your group has to purchase a certain amount of food/beverage during your event for that to happen. For our needs if we got 60 people to attend, we would have had to come up with food/beverage of $10,000! That would have required us to charge $167 per person, before we've even accounted for any of the other expenses associated with this type of event: travel/food expenses for teachers, fees for teachers, miscellaneous costs, and so on.


Any ticket prices to go into the parks would be extra on top of all of this, and purchased individually by attendees.

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Ouch. Well, I guess it was a Disney-like dream.


Next month in Orlando is their Needlecraft show....I think it's being held at the convention center.


Actually, with the number of hotels (and rooms) in Orlando itself, could a Crochetville retreat be feasible? Disney would always be the most expensive option, but I think there may be some much cheaper options. Of course the retreat wouldn't be on Disney grounds, but it could be close to Disney..or Universal...or whatever you want to do in Orlando.

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I'm sure it COULD be done cheaper somewhere else in Orlando. But my whole purpose in having it at Disney would be the draw of turning the camp into a family vacation. Once you're on Disney property, you really don't need a rental car to get around anywhere at Disney.


There ARE many other things to do in the Orlando area in addition to Disney. But if we're off-site, we'd run into the difficulties and additional expense of needing rental cars to get to all the other area attractions. I'm assuming most people would be flying to Orlando as opposed to driving.


And I'm not familiar at all with other properties in Orlando to know whether we'd be getting a nice place or a not-so-nice place. I don't really want to have the event at some place I can't check out personally beforehand, or at least have another trusted Crochetville member check out. :lol


Right now, I'm back to exploring options here in my town. I need to call the Holiday Inn back and see if they have the quote ready for me.

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