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I don't have the baby dolls but I'm saving them just in case. May find some at yard sales come spring. I am putting all your patterns I have saved into a subfolder with your name. You do such wonderful dolls (well, other stuff, too!)

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Hi I'm trying to do your Celebrating Girldom Doll Cloths and I noticed while reading the pattern .You do not state if you turn your work on each row or if you have a starting chain?What do I do Chain 2 for the first DC or just do a DC on the Row 2?


Thanks all help be appreciated

Hugs Joan,


I don't put in that information because I want to encourage you to use what you already know about crochet.


Suppose I say to ch 3 but you never ch 3; you only ch 2 :eek


when working on a straight piece do you usually turn? Do you always or never turn when working in the round?


see:think - you know this stuff and you don't need instructions. I don't like to see crocheters so locked into a pattern that they can't make choices as they go. You will have more freedom to change and adapt a pattern if you are used to using your discretion in your work. :hug

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