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Heart coaster or embelishment


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I'm trying to make this but as a beginner I can't figure this one out completely. For starters where am I supposed to be slip stitching between the lobes during the sc crochet around step? Also my lobes came out funky...I'll try to photograph tomorrow and post someway so you may be able to help me by seeing what I've done. Please don't misunderstand...I am not saying there's anything wrong with the pattern it's simply my inexperience. Thanks for any suggestions I may receive.

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OK. I originally posted this on the Misc Show and Tell thread, but everyone asked me for the pattern. I posted it there and Shell suggested I post it over here as well.



I originally made it in Caron SS as something to include in my Gram's care package I sent out. As is, it would make a great embelishment or decoraction on clothes, bags etc or just a little pretty to hang on her granny-mobile (walker with wheels). I also thought that if you made it in cotton it would make a great coaster or even a little scrubbie for the dishes.


I made it up mostly. I started with a standard granny and then made the 'lobes'. I got the idea from a bookmark pattern, but wanted a granny in the middle.

Ok, here goes the 'official' directions:

G hook, ww yarn.

ch 3, join into a circle

round 1:Ch 2, 3 DC, ch 2, (3dc, ch 2) 3 times, join with sl st to ch2. ch 2 and turn

round 2: (2dc, ch2, 3dc in ch2 corner) ch 1, *(3dc, ch2, 3dc, ch1) in remaining 3 corners, join with sl st. ch 4, turn.

Round 3: 11 tr in ch 1 sp, sl st into ch2 corner, sl st in next 2 st and ch1 sp, ch 4, 11 tr in ch 1 sp (both 'lobes' made), sl into ch 2 corner,ch 1, sc around, 2 sc in point, continuing around both lobes, sl in the middle of the two tr clusters to create dip between lobes, join with sl in 1st sc

round 4: rsc in each sc around, join and fasten off.


I hope this makes sense, round 3 is almost round 3.5 because you go around 1.5 times. I found i needed the row of rsc to keep the lobes of the heart flat. I also needed to do tr for the lobes so they'd be long enough to reach from the middle to the corner. If you have any questions or problems, let me know. I'd love to see your results.



That was simply beautiful. I have been looking for a heart Aplica to put on some of my own designs, as I could not come up with the pattern myself. Thank you so much!:yay

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Your heart is very cute. I came across it accidently on Ravelry and was glad I did. I am going to try this with thread tonight to see how it makes up.

Thank you for posting it. :valday

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