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80's magazine name - wedding dress patten in it


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Hello, I'm a new member from Canada. I'm looking for a magazine, sorry don't know the name of it. :blush I do know that it was from the 80's. I can't remember if it was just for crochet or different crafts. What I do remember was the top and skirt.


The top had a mandrian collar, and the skirt was long. The picture had a women sitting down with a little girl. It was done in a beige yarn. I remember that it stated it could be worn for a wedding dress.


I used to have this magazine, but when my children and I were moving. They decided to help with the packing and tossed alot of magazines that I was keeping for the patterns. This one I was going to make for my second wedding. Well I'm getting remarried in the next year. And I would really like to find that dress or one that I could get my dad to make for me. I'm just a beginner, so it and anyother pattern are out of my league.


So if anyone can remember what magazine this came from or point me in the right direction for a new dress pattern. I would greatly appreciate it.



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