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Congratulations to Heart aka Sarah


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CONGRATULATIONS! to Heart aka Sarah, my special friend through C'ville! Her Fan of Hearts Shawl was pictured in The Crochet Corner Newsletter. See it here:




Page down about 4 times to see it on the left side. She used a Crochet Memories doily pattern to make the beautiful shawl!



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AAAHHH!!! Thank you Jeannie!!! Everyone! Special thanks to Cylinda...the designer of the pattern! WOW!!! I'm really :D:D:D Thank you Jesus! ;)



I really must say, if you want the most beautifulpatterns, that are easy to understand, and look like a million....You have to go to



Fantabulous place!!! Thank you again Mrs. Gloria!! ;)

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Thank you again Mrs. Gloria!! ;)
Ha Ha Ha! You said "Mrs. Gloria". I use my middle name here, Silly. Remember? I'm Jeannie!


And Sarah's right about Crochet Memories. Her patterns are georgeous! She has a special buying plan called Crochet Club (a link on the left side of her home page) that you gotta check out. You can only get the patterns by email in Word or PDF format, but that's no problem for us computer whizzes!


For example, you can buy a package for 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 patterns and you have 1 year in which to choose your patterns. The cost per pattern decreases with the quantity. With 25, each pattern averages out to $1.10 ea. I know that costs more than some other ways to get patterns, such as free patterns (duh), the pattern a day calendar or e-patterns.com, but it's also less than others. She also offers some free patterns.


And again, the quality of her creations is awesome! Heavens! I must sound like a commercial! That's enough, you say!

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