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I Love a Parade in March

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I love a Parade in March. :pinterest


I used WW yarn in Emerald and White (and a sm amt of black)
I used 4.5mm and 5mm hooks.
Decorative buttons – lots of gold here.

I added button loops in green at the edging but you can work any closure you wish. Make allowances if you need tabs added. One warning if you use Velcro – the Velcro will grab your yarn and can damage it over time.

Make an elastic waistband (1/4 inch) large enough to fit comfortably over the Thigh area.

Work 40 SC over the elastic.
Work 5 rows of Double Crochet joining on each round.
When the last round is joined, slip stitch the 1st dc to the 20th dc and the 21st dc to the 40th dc. Break off

With white…
Chain 25,
Row 1: Sc in 4, 2sc in 4, sc in 8, 2sc in 4, sc in 4 and secure your yarn (don’t break off) –32sc

Row 2: Attach Emerald at the original start and work sc between the stitches on first round. Break off.

Pick up the White again…
Row 3: Work a row of dc between the green stitches. 32 dc.

Row 4: 4 dc, V-st, 6 dc, V-st, 8 dc, V-st, 6 dc, V-st, 4dc.

Row 5: dc in every dc, V-st in every V-st.

Row 6: 6dc in dc, V-st in V-st, 2dc in next dc, dc in 8 dc, 2dc in next dc, V-st in V-st, dc in 12 dc, V-st in V-st, 2dc in next dc, dc in 8 dc, 2dc in next dc, V-st in V-st, dc in 6 dc.

Row 7: dc in 7 dc, 2 dc in next dc, V-st in V-st, dc in 14 dc, V-st in V-st, 2dc in next dc, dc in 12 dc, 2 dc in next dc, V-st in V-st, dc in 14 dc, V-st in V-st, 2dc in next dc, dc in 7 dc.

Divide sleeves from bodice
Row 8: Sc across row omitting sleeve stitches. The V-stitches mark out the sleeves.

Row 9: Dc in 3 dc, 3dc in next dc, dc in 6 dc work dc into sleeve opening, dc in 5 dc, 2dc in next dc,3 dc in dc, ch 2, sc in next 3 dc, ch 2, dc in next 3 dc, 2dc in next dc, dc in 4 dc, work dc into sleeve opening, dc in 6 dc, 3dc in next dc, dc in 3dc. Break off white.

Finish sleeves:
With White, add 4 rows of DC to each sleeve.

With Emerald, work sc edging around the jacket emphasizing the front V opening. This is where I added my button loops. Break off.

Decorative trim. This is where you can be creative and decorate the front in any way that says Majorette for you.


With Emerald…
Ch 2, 6 sc into 1st chain.
Work a flat circle for 8 rounds .
Flat circle pattern:
Row 2 increase every st.
Row 3 increase every other st
Row 4, increase after 2 sts …etc.

Row 9: work BPhdc around.

Row 10: Hdc in hdc but decrease one stitch in every quarter.

Row 11: sc in 5 hdc, hdc in hdc to last 5 hdc, sc in last 5 hdc

Row 12: Hdc around but decrease one hdc in every quarter but shift your quarters so that decreases are not over decreases.

Row 13: sc in 6 hdc, hdc in hdc to last 6 hdc, sc in last 6 hdc.
Row 14 -15: Hdc around. Break off Emerald.

Row 16: with Black: Hdc around. Break off

Row 1: With black... Centre 9 FPhdc on hat but work decreases one stitch in from each edge.
I think I would make this bigger next time and I would likely make it in white so it would show up on her hair. :wlol

Row 2: sc across

Row 3: work a scallop using sl st, sc and hdc as needed to form a circular edge to the brim. I used 1 sl st, 1sc, (2hdc) X3, 1 sc, 1 sl st.

Add a decorative button on either side of the Black band on the hat.

Chain 6 join to form a ring, ch 42 and form a ring of the last 6 ch. Break off and weave in ends.

This lanyard serves to keep the hat on so check as you are working the chain to be sure that it is long enough to do the job and not too long. Also check that the ring of 6 chains will go around the button you used and adapt as you need to.

Hat Plume:
With white form backing…
Row 1: Ch 5, work sc around chain with 5 sc in the top chain.
Row 2: work 2 sc hdc around to last 2sts and sc. Break off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Create a small plume with emerald and place at top of backing. Attach a large decorative button (or similar) to Backing then attach Plume to front of hat.


Row 1: Chain 7 and work sc around chain. Work 4 sc in heel (start) end and 5 sc in toe end.

Row 2: work sc in heel area and hdc around rest of sole. Work 2 sc in 3 sts at heel end and 2 hdc in 4 sts at toe end.

Start Uppers
Row 1: Chain 1 and flip sole so right side is down. Work FPhdc in every stitch around sole staying at outer edge and join.

Row 2: Work hdc along the side making one decrease, work a 3dc cluster, a 2dc cluster and a 3 dc cluster over toe area, hdc along side again making one decrease..

Row 3-4: work hdc around decreasing if needed

Row 5: determine centre front stitch and mark the stitch one to the right of that st. Hdc to marked st, work sc in next st, sl st in next st, sc in next st and hdc to end. Break off

With Emerald, make tiny tassels with 3 strands of yarn and attach to pretty buttons and then to front of boots.

copyright Darlene Cutler - 2007

I do not have a problem with people/groups using my patterns to make a little extra money by physically making them and selling the items they make.

However, I do not permit the selling of my patterns for money. I have once given permission for a booklet to be made of them for a charitable sale and I may do so again *if I am asked* and if it is for a church, charity or school type group. But first you have to ask.

Furthermore, If you choose to use my patterns as a money maker, I do not permit my images to be used for any advertizing of your work. You must make your own item and photograph that. These images are as much a part of my Web image as a designer as the patterns are and I reserve that use to myself alone

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One of my all time favourite things as a child was to watch the Majorettes march in parades. They would twirl and throw those batons and I was just awestruck at what they could do and the uniforms just were so lovely in my eyes... so regal and commanding.


I recently saw a group in a parade and they looked like they bought some matching tank tops at a local bargain bin. Where is the magic in matching tank tops?


This is my homage to all those darling young ladies who graced my childhood.:fame:applause :dreaming

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oh my gosh Darksi, they just keep getting cuter and cuter! thank you for sharing them with us :)

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Oh, I am so sad. Thought I would get to start on Dora's clothes today. Just checked to see where she is and she is in Oklahoma City. Will not get her today. For some reason she is sitting there and was not sent out for delivery.


Hopefully tomorrow she will get on a truck for delivery and I can start her clothes.


The clothes just keep getting cuter and cuter. Thanks for all the patterns.


Hugs from Donna in Oklahoma

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Could you tell me what size Dora doll you use or if these patterns will work on any other dolls? Thanks!



My Dora is 15 inches tall but I don't think her patterns will translate to many other dolls because she has a very set shape. You can try and you can adapt if you get the gist of how they are created.


I have spent a lot of years making a lot of things and I draw on all of that info when I make these patterns. If you know what crochet does and where you need it to go... well you get my drift:hug


Donna, I am cheering for you to get her soon. She really is neat just to stand by the computer and look cute.

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