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Mainstay is back at Wal Mart


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This evening I went to my Local Wal Mart and in a bin were 16 oz skeins of Mainstay :yay

100% Acrylic Worst Weight Mainstay 897.73 yds :eek

Each skein was saran wrapped

Here are the colors I saw:





Pink (more on the lines of Salmon)

Purple (more on the lines of lavendar)

Soft Yellow




And there are also some variegated skeins = they too are 16 oz skeins :yay

Bright Multi

Brown Multi

Pink Multi

Green Multi (reminds me of military colors - lt olive to brown)


The price per skein $3.96 (at least in this area)

The store clerk told me that it is a "limited" time offer :blush

She did not know if they were coming back permantely and kind of hinted that the manufacturer was unable to keep up with the demand in the past


Thought I would share, I was soooo happy I grabbed a cream :yes

Swearing to HB that "yes this is really, really needed" :devil

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Its at my WalMart too! I've gone twice now to get a bunch. Last year I waited and it was gone before I got any so I learned my lesson! I got 3 skeins of bright multi, 3 skeins of pink multi, 1 skein of purple multi (thats all they had), 1 skein bright yellow, 1 skein purple and 1 skein of fushia. I already have 4 storage bins of yarn plus other scattered totes, shopping bags and plastic bags here and there throughout the house...but just couldnt resist getting more!

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That is great news! Finally some positive news about Walmart! One of our local Walmarts nearly eliminated their fabric/craft/yarn department! :( Thank goodness I have FIVE Walmart Supercenters less than 30 minutes away!--what one doesn't have, one of the others will!

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:eek I went there this morning!!! And I have so many WIPS and WIMS that I decided to walk past the yarn isle and look the other way...now I'm sad I did...I have a UFO that was a victim...I need to go there tomorrow and check to see if I'm a lucky hooker!


thx for the tip!:hook

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My local Wal-mart doesn't have the Mainstays either, at least not at the one of the three I went to. However, over the past several months, I did notice that they had the newer colors of RedHeart Super Saver which neither AC Moore or Michaels had (and still doesn't have). Guess each store has its own buyer.


LI Roe

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Speaking of Large MainStay yarn's. I was at my local area Wal-Mart and noticed the empty shelves of there selection of yarns. It turns out that Wal-Mart is getting rid of all the yarns & Materials (in my area at least, so far the Material were all 50% off). And the're gonna put party supplies section in it's place.

Is there any other Wal-Marts that are doing the same, getting rid of the yarns? Just wondering.

If its tru, better stock up on the yarns and supplies.



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I found Mainstays at my Super Wal-Mart today in western PA, it sure was a different color selection than they used to carry. Much brighter colors, hoping to match the three skeins I had from before, no such luck. They were on an end cap seperate from the other bins. Charlene

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