Help attaching vinyl Darice/Fibre Craft Doll heads & hands!

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Hello everybody!


I just introduced myself on the intro board, and am now ready to post my first dilemma of the new year.


My question pertains to the Lollipop Lane/Dumplin' Designs series dolls. Not sure how many of you are familiar with them, but I just recently discovered them and fell head over heels! I LOVE 80's style dolls and toys! I don't have any daughters to make them for yet but won't let that stop me! I have 4 nieces who would love them!! They remind me so much of the old vintage Strawberry Shortcake & Friends dolls that I grew up with, and am itching, just ITCHING to make them-- as soon as I complete my boys Sesame Street Gang dolls! (From Vogart kits I found on eBay!)


I just bought my first bunch of adorable Lollipop Lane/Dumplin' Designs doll patterns and am ready to buy the heads and hands next, BUT, upon reading through the instructions it seems the heads and hands are a doozy to attach! The instructions call for "Neck Stiffeners" that you can make yourself (with milk jug rings?? huh??), and from what I understand you sew the heads to the hands.

I emailed a few eBay sellers who sell both the patterns and the doll heads for help on how to attach the heads and ands, and two have responded so far. One tells me that the heads are really hard to attach properly and must be attached with a very tight yarn loop,(HUH?) which explains the ridge on the neckline and the wrists; another tells me they are sewn on... (how if there are no holes for the needle? Through the vinyl? Hmmm...:blush )

I know there must be an easy, fool-proof and secure way to attach them.

If anyone can explain this very simply and concisely, and also tell me where the neck stiffeners come in, and how to get one commercially (if possible) I (and my unborn daughters) would be most grateful & appreciative. :D


Thanks in advance! Looking forward to hearing your responses! :yarn



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I just use a big needle and sew around the top a couple times making sure its pulled tight and I do take a couple stitces all the way through the plastic to make sure it will stay on.

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Luvs2stitch & chrisdfriend,


Thanks so much for the great tips! I have actually never made a doll of this sort before... how would I attach a cable tie without it showing over the crochet? Do you know of any pictorial tutorial or how-to that shows step-by-step how to do it correctly? Do you possibly know of a doll making book that might illustrate this?


Chrisdfriend, I think I understand how to sew it one, but would it be hard to sew through the vinyl head?


I would love to see someone do one and show me how, both with cable ties and sewn.


Thanks so much, I guess I have just met my first crochet challenge of the new year :clap




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If you sew through the part of the neck where the indent is it's not so bad! I use plyers to push the needle through sometimes if it's stubborn . I have done cable ties too you could work your first row of crochet right on the tie itself that way it won't show so much.

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Thanks so so much, ladies!


I feel a lot more confident about making these dolls now. I knew this was the place to come.


I will definitely keep in mind the notes on cable ties, and the notes on sewing. I'll probably have to try both methods to find the one that works for me.

Are the cable ties narrow ebough to fit in the ridge on the neck and hands? I understand they come in sizes, so which would be best for 4 1/2" dolls?

I am trying to work it all out in my head.

If I could bug you some more about hte details, I hope you ownt mind.

I understand that I would sort of weave the cable tie through the stitches, and then pout it around th eneck ridge and pull tightly, then fold down the collar or bit of crocheteing to cover the tie better. ANd then trim the excess tie and hide the sharp edge.

This applies to the hands as well, from what I understand.

(The eBay seller also told me the cable ties can leave a sharp edge, is this true?)


Now, for sewing, I would weave a yarn needle with a tail of thread in and out of the stitches, and then attach to the head or hand and pull tightly, like a drawstring, and tie off with a knot or bow.


I did get a reply from an eBay seller recently who sells the little darlings on eBay. She's been making the dolls for 23 years and the method she swears by is sewing them on. She siad to not even bother with cable ties! :)


Here is a link to her auction for the Strawberry Jam doll, to give an idea of the quality of her work:



This is not to say one method is better or that I personally am choosing one right now-- I'm just learning and planning to experiment.


I received my first lot of heads & hands and am trying to hold back from starting YET ANOTHER PROJECT!! I have a horrible habit that I'm slowly killing of starting things adn not finishing. I'm really working hard on tihs and so far this attempt has been better than attempts in the past, perhaps because im getting older (had a BD yesterday).


Gota go feed the men but will be back on later to post mroe!



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