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Something easy and fun for a beginner?


Hi all, can anyone suggest an easy and fun project for a beginner? I've made a square and I've made a circle, but all the projects I've seen look really complex.


I'm still struggling with the difference between US and UK terms, so if you have a pattern to suggest please specify whether it's UK or US. Thanks!

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Hi Ava


I'm a Brit too, I find the easiest way to remember the difference between UK and US is to think of the US terms as being one step down from ours ( for instance what we call double crochet, they call single. what we call treble, they call double) I downloaded and printed comparison charts for stitches, yarns and hooks and keep it in my work bag.:hook


the real problem is going back to UK terms, but the best patterns I have found are US or Australian ( uk terms)


Ideas for projects:think

you really can't go wrong with a scarf and hat, simple shaping and lots of repeat patterns, your best stop for patterns is CPC (http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory.php) - hours of happy browsing :yay

if you want a recommendation then I made this set for a christmas gift, worked up nicely and I could still have a conversation ( ie not too complex - US terms):clap



alternatively are cushions ( or pillows as they are called in the US)

http://www.freepatterns.com/fp_pdfs/Other/Crochet/Neck_Pillow.pdf (US terms , another christmas gift:hug )



(US terms, this can be extended to a nice easy afghan if you enjoy the design):yes


finally bags, again a pattern I found on CPC


US terms - i've made several of these in different colours of scrap yarn , use them for all sorts , and my nieces keep pinching them :P


I love the crochetroo patterns :cheer

http://crochetroo.blogspot.com/ and she has some cushty things on her blog, the gift bags are simple and useful- and the angel tea cosy (though kitsch) is LUSH.

whatever you do, however it turns out, ENJOY

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i have a few simple patterns on my blog that you can try


they are US patterns as I live in the US


other easy patterns to try...

the amigurumi patterns (small, stylized stuffed animals) from

katcrochet.com (US)

i'm making the bunny right now and it's really, really, easy and very cute


i don't know of any British patterns... but i find some great patterns using google... maybe if you googled "free UK crochet patterns" you might find some


good luck!

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