Crochet toe socks?

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So, my DD has been asking for toe socks since she first saw them last fall (yanno, the brightly-colored ones with the individual piggies?), and I haven't been able to find any child-sized ones. I've scoured the web and come up with a free knit pattern from Bernat for adult toe socks, and a knit book called "Happy Feet" that no one seems to have for sale.


I spent all day yesterday attempting to knit a child-size sock with sock yarn on dpns (never used either the yarn or the needles before, and I'm not that great at knitting), and I managed to get past the heel shaping this morning. When I finally get down to the toe, I'm going to try adjusting the adult pattern so I can at least get the technique down, but this thing is already an "unwearable" - crochet sure would be a lot easier! I'm willing to buy the pattern if I could only find one! The way it's going right now, I don't see a completed pair of socks in the near future. :lol

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Thanks for the link, Empress. Those are hilarious! I bet my 4yo son would like them, but I don't think those toesies are "real" - or there would be five of them. :lol The pattern might help though - who knows? I definitely want to make in-the-shoe socks, though, so can't use ww.


BTW, dd turns 7 soon, and wears a size 10 or 11 in lil' girls shoes. If I don't get some toe socks by Christmas, at least I have a second chance with her birthday. :)

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