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Crochet Calendar 2007


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Here is a suggestion for all seeking this calendar. I realize for some of you this will not work, but yesterday I went to an outlet center. They had a calendar and game center there, and I picked up the 2007 Cross-stitch calendar at that store. Then went to the Borders outet there and lo and behold-there it set! The Crochet 2007 calendar! I had to travel a ways, but I am now happily looking through the really wonderful patterns. I don't know how many are near an outlet center---my girlfriend and I went to one near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which is about 4 hrs from where I live. That is rather far, but to me it sure was worth it--I had been seeking the calendar all over the place. We have three bookstores in my town ( including a huge Barnes and Noble), and none of them had it. Yes, I could have ordered it, but this worked out fine. So, if you have one very near you, maybe within an hour or half an hour, you may find it if they have bookstore outlets. This is just a suggestion, I don't think I would have traveled, on my own, for four hours.

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