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Reporting General Guideline Violations

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First of all, a big thank-you to those Crochetville members who do their best to follow our forum guidelines. Our guidelines are designed to help our large community run smoothly and provide an enjoyable experience for all our members. If you aren't familiar with our guidelines, please take a few moments to click on the previous link and read through them.


Unfortunately, in a community this large, there are going to be some members who violate our guidelines from time to time. Some violations may be because the member hasn't taken the time to read the guidelines. However, all members are responsible for knowing and following our guidelines. Sadly, other members choose to violate our guidelines on purpose.


Remember, the guidelines apply to all aspects of Crochetville: posts on the forum, private messages, and emails that are sent through forum services.


We rely heavily on our members to notify the administrators whenever they notice a potential forum guideline violation. Here are some simple instructions to follow when you want to report something you find troubling:


  • Reporting a post: To report a post, just click on the little white triangle outlined in red that appears at the top right-hand side of the post. The forum will send an alert message to the admin team.
  • Reporting a Private Message: Please *forward* the PM to me, AmyS. Forwarding preserves the "electron trail" that serves as proof that the member actually sent the PM. (Just copying and pasting the PM into a new PM you send to me will not work, as that type of information can be falsified.)
  • Reporting an Email Sent through the Forum: This email will arrive with a statement that you've received email from a Crochetville member, or something like that. Please *forward* this email to me at amyshelton AT crochetville DOT org. (You should be able to click on that link to bring up my actual email address in your email program or you can manually turn it into a "real" email address.)

Don't worry about reporting something that may end up not being a violation. We'd rather receive too many reports that end up really being nothing than NOT being notified when there are true, repeated, serious violations of our guidelines occurring. Because of the volume of reports we receive, we may not be able to respond to your personally. However, be assured we do follow up on each report we receive.


You can also rest assured that all reports are received in confidence. And don't worry that someone will immediately be banned because you reported them. If it's a first offense, we'll just gently educate the member about the problem with what they've done, and ask them not to do it again. In the case of repeated offenses, a member may lose their forum access privileges. But in that case, the loss is a result of THEIR continued actions and not as a result of another member "tattling" on them.

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